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Identify your skills and ‘business fit’  – feel free to use this tool – it is used by fortune 500 companies as well as many franchisors. The results come to you immediately. ®Business Synchronicity Assessment.

2. Synchronize

  • Together we will review the information from Step 1 and go through specific questions to create a brief business plan.
  • Review the plan and begin the process of synchronizing your goals and expectations with only the best franchises.

3. Select

  • I will present a targeted list of franchises based on Step 2 which we will review and discuss.
  • I will then introduce you to the executives at those franchises where you will begin an in-depth analysis.
  • You will meet the executives, validate with existing owners, and attend a discovery day.  I will continue to assist you through the process, with a list of important questions, how to present to the different franchises, validation questions, etc…

4. Execute

  • I will outline the various avenues for funding your business and connect you with the ‘good ones’.
  • I will review your selected franchise’s FDD (Federal Disclosure Document) with you and, if needed, introduce you to any legal resources you may find beneficial.

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